IT Transformation

Do you believe this cloud stuff could be useful but need to get from here to there?

“To improve is to change. To be perfect is to change often”  Winston Churchill*


Today IT is indistinguishable from the business. Decision makers can implement any technology they like, so long as it delivers long term business benefit and is on budget.

In the last 5 years Fordway have successfully completed over 200 major IT transformation and cloud migration projects. Delivering these we’ve worked with pretty much every conceivable IT technology and a huge range of vendors, and delivered great results with all of them, which is why we urge customers not to get hung up on solution providers or vendors!

We know that understanding the big picture is crucial to delivering the digital transformation panacea* required. How else will you design and architect solutions that provide stability but also are agile and elastic enough to evolve and enable ongoing change as well as radical innovation?

Before we help you on the journey from point A to point B we take a simple 4 step approach with all our customers to understand:
  • VISION – what does your organisation want to achieve from this change, and, more importantly, why?
  • PEOPLE – what skills, capabilities, characters and resources do you have, and what new skills, capabilities and assistance do you need to give them to ensure success?
  • PROCESS – how are you going to make it happen? Fordway have our proven process to ensure success.
  • PLATFORM – what assets do you currently have, and what new products and services will you need to integrate with them to achieved the desired result?

These are all components of Fordway’s Proven Process to ensure our customers get the result they require, on time, to specification and within budget – every time.

In this way we ensure that the solution delivered is properly business aligned. Then we will plan and deliver a transformation programme around your business imperatives that mitigates risk and disruption.

But we don’t just stop when we have delivered a solution. Fordway help customers REALISE the benefits by helping you run it in-house or we can help operate and manage the service for.

Our transformation services include:
Data Management
Server & Storage Consolidation
Flexible working & BYOD
Desktop Virtualisation
Infrastructure Optimisation Services
Infrastructure Support
Green IT
Here’s what Chiltern and South Buckinghamshire had to say about our transformation services:

“A couple of weeks ago the chief executive said to me: ‘I know we don’t say thank you enough, but it’s phenomenal what you’ve done and we’ve not lost a day’s work during this’,” concludes Sim. “Everyone here has been able to carry on with their day job despite massive organisational and IT changes. This has been due to two things – a good solution and the IT team that Fordway provided. Throughout the process they’ve stayed calm and just got on with the job. They’ve also been really good at skills transfer, so I know my team will be able to handle everything on their own when the project is completed”

Fordway have provided us with enterprise level IT at an accessible cost, and we now have a quality solution which will last us for at least the next 5 years”
Sim Dixon, Head of Business Support Chiltern

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