IT Consultancy

Fordway’s IT consultancy provides customers with better results, faster. We work with UK based medium to large enterprises, across all industries, and UK public sector organisations. Our skills and expertise are applicable to all; every organisation needs effective, efficient and optimised IT infrastructure, whether run internally, under contract with service providers or run on the cloud.

Do you want better answers to complex IT related questions?

Clear Thinking Matters!

True problem solving requires both creativity and discipline. Often poor decisions are made on purely emotional grounds, jumping immediately toward a knee-jerk solution or fix. And that’s when the problems start…

It doesn’t matter if we’re helping your organisation to frame its IT strategy, ensuring a new system or service is successfully brought into service, on time, within budget and to the defined specification, or untangling your gnarly IT bugbear we’re focussed on three main areas:

  • Finding, understanding and solving the root cause of your issue or problem
  • Delivering the best result for your organisation
  • Avoiding future issues as a result of the solution

Our approach is customer focused. We don’t have external investors, stakeholders or specific vendors to force us to recommend a particular course of action or products. Engagements begin with a facilitated discussion with you and key stakeholders to clarify and prioritise work. We learn from your knowledge and experience to identify the outcome and steps required. Our Proven process – to ensure we solve your IT issue

Pick our Brains…

We have over 25 years’ experience doing this. Your organisation will face a particular issue once. Each year we assist over 100 organisations – there’s every likelihood we’ve seen the issue, or something very much like it, before, and helped another customer resolve it. To help we’re fully trained in and accredited to established best practice such as ITIL, SFIA, COBIT, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials. We are fully versed in IT security best practice, and have UK Government National Cyber Security Centre Certified Consultants on tap. When we collectively identify best resolution we deliver change using Prince 2, Agile, or these days more commonly a mix of both.

We’re vendor independent – we’ve worked with most of them. In our view the actual technology itself is very rarely the issue, there aren’t many bad ones out there. The key is to ensure you know what you really need from it, and why. Our job is to ensure you achieve what you need, faster, with higher quality, and more cost effectively than you could have without our help.


Our IT Consultancy Services include:

“With Fordway’s analysis of our internal IT investment programme, the problems quickly became clear – the projects were not designed to deliver specific business outcomes. For example, a programme to install software which would warn us of potential infrastructure problems had apparently been successfully completed and closed. When we looked more closely, we found that the software had indeed been installed but it was not being used, as the project brief had been solely about installation! So we weren’t seeing any results.” David Tidey, Head of IT, London Borough of Wandsworth

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