Server Hosting

Fordway Server Hosting provides the capability for organisations that are in the process of migrating to Fordway’s and other providers Cloud services to securely host existing servers in one of Fordway’s two UK Located, PSN connected TIA Tier3 datacentres.

Fordway Server Hosting provides secure rack space in these datacentres within Fordway owned cages, co-located with Fordway’s own infrastructure providing Pan Government Accredited and PSNSP certified IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, IDAMS and Cloud Monitoring services. Should your organisation require it, these servers can also be monitored using Fordway Cloud Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS), and backed up using Fordway Backup and Recovery as a Service (BraaS). Windows, Linux and Solaris servers can be managed by Fordway as part of the service.

Information assurance

All elements of Fordway Server Hosting are certified to ISO27001 and run to ISO20001 processes, data is managed to ISO27001 procedures. All Fordway services are delivered from Pan Government Accredited IaaS and DaaS Services. Fordway will treat all information at the appropriate level and for Public Sector clients is currently certified to store information up to and including OFFICIAL, we also can provide the necessary controls to meet OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE.

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