Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Fordway Platform as a Service (PaaS) for Windows Server provides fully managed, secure, resilient and data protected Windows server instances. Server instances can take any Windows Server role or be used to host applications. Windows PaaS instances are integrated into Active Directory resource domains, secured and load balanced. Fordway PaaS SecurePlus offers enhanced security capabilities including multi-factor authentication.

Fordway Platform as a Service (PaaS) for Windows Server instances are persistent, i.e. permanently available to your organisation for the duration of your requirement. Dedicated storage and Internet bandwidth is allocated to your server instances. All data storage is to high performance SAS disks with SSD storage available if you require guaranteed high performance.

Fordway Platform as a Service (PaaS) for Windows Server is delivered from secure, UK-based facilities and all services are supported by UK-based staff who are BPSS certified; many are SC cleared. Fordway maintain ISO 27001 for all primary operations and PaaS services run on Fordway’s Pan Government Accredited IaaS platform, certified by CESG to hold data to OFFICIAL. Fordway PaaS SecurePlus provides extra controls to meet OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE.

Fordway PaaS is available in two versions; Premium and SecurePlus:

Fordway PaaS Premium is a complete Windows server Platform as a Service offering everything you need to host Web facing and private Windows servers using Internet or private network connectivity, with backup, OS monitoring and a range of chargeable options to increase capability.

Fordway PaaS SecurePlus is essential for Government and Public Sector organisations on the UK Public Services Network and highly-regulated, commercial industries. Fordway PaaS SecurePlus offers enhanced security, compliance controls and reporting capability.

Version Comparison

Included: feature included in service

Optional: feature available at additional cost identified

Fordway PaaS Service Feature Premium Secure Plus
Base availability monitoring Included Included
VPN administrator access (1) Included Included
Multi-factor authentication (1) Included Included
Internet access Included Included
Online service availability Included Included
Online service incident logging Included Included
Shared firewall Included Included
Dedicated virtual firewall context (2) Included Included
Fordway DaaS integration Included Included
Windows Server OS patching Included Included
Windows OS Included Included Included
Windows Server Anti-Virus Included Included
Meets PGA to OFFICIAL (IL2) Included Included
Shared forward proxy service (3) Included Included
Unmetered Internet access (4) Included Included
OS level monitoring Included Included
Monthly service report Included Included
Proactive incident management (5) Included Included
Private WAN connectivity (6) Included Included
Instance data backup (7) Included Included
Application specific backup (7) Included Included
Load Balancing Included Included
Intrusion detection service Included
Security compliance reporting Included
Dedicated layer 2 firewall (8) Included
Intrusion prevention service Optional Optional
Dedicated proxy for environment Optional Optional
SSD Storage Optional Optional
Resilient instances Optional Optional
Application specific monitoring Optional Optional
High Availability instances Optional Optional
Fordway IDAMS integration Optional Optional
Assigned Service Manager (9) Optional Optional
Scheduled service reviews (9) Optional Optional
UK PSN connectivity Optional
NHS N3 Optional
  1. A maximum of 2 VPN administrator accounts with MFA enabled per 10 servers
  2. Additional dedicated virtual firewalls are chargeable
  3. This a standard forward proxy with no content inspection or additional features
  4. Subject to Fordway’s fair use policy
  5. This is provided 7.00am to 7.00pm weekdays through Fordway’s Service Desk
  6. Excludes WAN provider installation and circuit cost
  7. This is provided through Fordway backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS)
  8. Additional dedicated layer 2 firewalls are chargeable
  9. This is provided using Fordway Cloud Service Management which is in Lot 4 for G-Cloud

Information Assurance

All elements of the service are certified to ISO 27001, data is managed to ISO 27001 and all operations are run to ISO20001 procedures. For Public Sector customers Fordway PaaS for Windows Server is Pan Government Accredited to hold and process information up to and including OFFICIAL. Fordway PaaS Secure Plus offers additional controls to meet OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE and is undergoing PSN Service Provider (PSNSP) certification. PSN, NHS N3 and Internet connectivity is resilient across Fordway’s two datacentres.

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