Endpoint Data Protection and Compliance

Fordway Endpoint Data Protection and Compliance powered by Druva InSync is a fully-automated, enterprise-class solution offered as software as a service (SaaS), covering backup, restoration, compliance and legal hold.  Endpoint Protection and Compliance offers elastic, on-demand backup storage, scalable to any number of users, with encrypted data storage on Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Endpoint Data Protection and Compliance is powered by Druva. Available to all, this product is also exclusively available through the Digital Marketplace on Fordway’s G-cloud listing.


  • Centralised storage ensures protected data. Full visibility for data governance
  • Federated search identifying files locations. Geographic location of mobile devices
  • Automated compliance monitoring and deep audit trails for risk identification
  • Legal hold management enables data to be preserved as required
  • Extensive governance data policy configuration meeting global data privacy requirements
  • Integrated DLP assists in preventing data breach of lost devices
  • Remote wipe (auto- or admin-initiated), geo-location, and enforced encryption
  • Enterprise-grade encryption in-transit (256-bit SSL) and at-rest (AES-256)
  • OS support includes: Windows, Mac, IOS, Android, Linux
  • High availability and enterprise-scale RPO and RTO


  • Automated backups to a predetermined schedule with no user disruption
  • Anytime, anywhere access from any device
  • Immediate self-service restore to swiftly resume work on new device
  • Backup, recovery, archive for cloud applications e.g. Office365 SharePoint, Google
  • Automated installation and integrated mass deployment; straightforward and simple deployments
  • Unified interface enables your IT team with centralised administration
  • Intuitive bandwidth, resource usage and scheduling settings
  • Per user licence model enables unlimited data to be stored
  • Enterprise-class security, compliant with international standards (SOC-1, SOC-2, SOC-3)
  • Up to 99.99999% Customer Data durability and 3-way data redundancy
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