Fordway Desktop as a Service

— Desktop Virtualisation

Fordway Desktop as a Service (DaaS) provides all the elements needed to meet any organisation’s end user computing (EUC) requirements. Simplistically, it turns your current IT Service into a bespoke SaaS service for your organisation. Fordway DaaS provides a fully managed and supported Windows 7, 8 and 10 or thin client device to your end users, with managed application deployment and full security.

There are two elements to Fordway’s DaaS service; device management and desktop delivery, which can be purchased individually, the full service comprises both elements.

Device management comprises asset anagement within our secure CMDB, device warranty and maintenance management, with advance hardware replacement where this has been set up, OS patching, anti-virus and other security updates with security management plus secure web proxy for Internet access and browsing.

Fordway DaaS can also manage Windows tablets/convertibles, Apple MacOS PCs, iOS and Android tablets, plus Windows, iOS and Android smartphones. The service allows any user to access their corporate desktop from anywhere, using their choice of client device or a corporately supplied endpoint, and provides flexibility to add or subtract users in line with organisational requirements. You only pay for what you use.

The Fordway DaaS service fully integrates with Office 365 (all versions) enabling you to collaborate and communicate across multiple devices, with comparable capabilities for Google Apps. Fordway manage the complete service set up, migration and initiation project lifecycle from design to  migration of your organisation’s desktop environment into DaaS, including co-existence with your current environment to ensure normal service is maintained at all times.

Fordway DaaS is offered in 2 versions; Premium and Secure Plus:-

Fordway DaaS Premium is a complete Desktop Service offering everything needed to provide a corporate desktop environment using Internet or private network connectivity, with backup, desktop service monitoring and a range of chargeable options to increase capability that meets NCSC OFFICIAL security standards.

Fordway DaaS Secure Plus is intended for organisations requiring higher levels of Internet security or connectivity to the UK Public Services  Network, the NHS N3/HSCN network and other regulated industries, offering a range of additional security and compliance controls and reporting to meet OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE where required.

Desktop as a Service – Information Assurance

All elements of the service are certified to ISO27001, data is managed to ISO27001 and all operations are run to ISO20001 procedures.  For Public Sector customers Fordway PaaS for Windows Server is Pan Government Accredited to hold and process information up to and including OFFICIAL. Fordway PaaS Secure Plus offers additional controls to meet OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE and is undergoing PSN Service Provider (PSNSP) certification.  PSN, NHS N3 and Internet connectivity is resilient across Fordway’s two datacentres.

Fordway DaaS Service Feature Premium Secure Plus
Personalised shared Windows desktop Included Included
Personal Windows VDI desktop Included Included
Managed full PC option Included Included
Managed hybrid desktop option Included Included
Service availability monitoring Included Included
Online service availability Included Included
Online service incident logging Included Included
Monthly service report Included Included
Shared firewall Included Included
Internet access (1) Included Included
User VPN access Included Included
Site to site VPN available Included Included
Private WAN connectivity (2) Included Included
Proactive incident management (3) Included Included
Desktop Anti-Virus Included Included
Shared forward proxy service (4) Included Included
Meets PGA to OFFICIAL (IL2) Included Included
Resilient infrastructure Included Included
MS Office365 integration Included Included
Dedicated virtual firewall context (5) Included Included
Per session user monitoring Optional Included
Multi-factor authentication Optional Included
Intrusion detection service   Included
Security compliance reporting   Included
Data at rest encryption (6)   Included
Intrusion Prevention Service Optional Optional
Managed full PC Cloud Backup Optional Optional
Fordway IDAMS integration Optional Optional
Assigned Service Manager (7) Optional Optional
Scheduled service reviews (7) Optional Optional
Dedicated proxy for environment Optional Optional
UK PSN connectivity   Optional
NHS N3 connectivity   Optional
  1. Subject to Fordway’s fair use policy
  2. Excludes WAN provider installation and circuit costs
  3. This is provided 7.00am to 7.00pm weekdays excluding statutory holidays through Fordway’s Service Desk
  4. This a standard forward proxy with no content inspection or additional features
  5. Additional dedicated virtual firewalls are chargeable
  6. This feature is only available on managed desktops
  7. This is provided through Fordway Cloud Service Management which is in Lot 4 for G-Cloud

Public Sector clients can order this and other Fordway Cloud services through the G-Cloud Framework on the Digital Marketplace


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