Disaster Recovery

Are you protected from natural or human-induced disaster?

There’s a lot to consider when you are planning your Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. Even the smallest organisations are now almost completely reliant on their IT services to run their business. In the event your IT systems cannot be recovered your organisation will almost certainly suffer.
  • The start – Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis. Fordway assist to determine your organisation’s Risk Appetite.  From this we confirm the necessary Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Points needed to restore your IT infrastructure and Systems in the event the worst happens. This is then used as the basis of your plan to recover your services within the agreed times.
  • Review current infrastructure and service resilience. To maintain or re-establish Business as Usual you also need to design for resilience, IT service recovery and plan contingency. Fordway can scope, design and architect Business Continuity into your infrastructure and services whether they be hosted in-house, on public cloud or a hybrid environment.
  • Fordway will build, deliver and test your plan. We can implement the systems, procedures, monitor, replicate, test and even run the plan for you so you have everything you need to deliver your services.
    As a cloud provider we offer 3 managed services for Disaster Recovery:
    Disaster Recovery as a Service delivered using Microsoft Azure Site Recovery

    We set up your DR and manage and monitor it for you. Tests are scheduled regularly and we can invoke the DR to ensure your users have access to your services in the event of a disaster.

    Backup and Recovery as a Service

    Fordway hosted and managed backup that can be used to aid your own service restoration if disaster strikes.

    Endpoint Data Protection and Compliance powered by Druva InSync

    To protect data and services that may not be backed up using your enterprise backup.

    In addition we offer IT consultancy to help you review and test existing systems and procedures.

Fordway scope and design solutions for any circumstance.

Fordway implemented cloud-based DR for Team BFK, one of the engineering consortia building infrastructure for London’s Crossrail who were working to a gruelling 24/7 schedule to meet agreed timescales. The cloud-based solution we provided harnessed Fordway infrastructure in two UK data centres to provide storage and back-up respectively. Fordway provided a ‘warm standby’ recovery service, and in the event of a problem could bring all systems back online within 30 minutes to two hours.

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