Identity and Authentication Management Service and IDAMS PSN

Fordway’s Identity and Authentication Management Service (IDAMS) is a cloud hosted user identity management and authentication service which provides an authoritative source of identity to authenticate against corporate, PSN, N3, Web, Cloud, internal and hosted systems. It supports all Web authentication standards plus proprietary and legacy systems


  • Single authoritative identity to access multiple cloud and hosted services
  • Seamless authentication to target applications
  • User self service for all published services and applications
  • Integrated workflows and managerial approval in portal
  • Additional multi-factor authentication available
  • Resilient across 2 UK datacentres, 99.95% SLA
  • UK service support facility, 24 x 7 service
  • Formal audit trail for all user authentication
  • Integrates PSN, N3, public and private services


  • Underpinning infrastructure Pan Government Accredited by CESG
  • Single set of credentials required to access multiple services
  • Align user authentication to business processes
  • Internet, private network, hosted, PSN and N3 service authentication
  • Service and optional security monitoring plus reporting included
  • Consolidate security within single audited environment
  • UK Government reference clients available
  • UK hosted and supported by UK staff
  • Integration with other Fordway and 3rd party G-Cloud services

Fordway IDAMS enables:

  • A single authoritative identity source – which can be used to authenticate against almost all IT services available today from any source.
  • Seamless authentication – credentials automatically supplied to target applications once approved.
  • User self-service – all available applications and services are published to a portal which users can select and put into ‘shopping baskets’ for approval where required.
  • Integrated workflow and approvals – allows automated provisioning of services and managerial authentication of available services.
  • Single portal – all user and administrator functions are provided through a single web portal for identity management and authentication.
  • Self-service password reset –users can optionally securely reset passwords without access to any service desk.
  • Multi-Factor authentication – secure tokens or challenge response systems can optionally be incorporated for extra security.
  • Formal audit trail – every authentication and service interaction is recorded for regulatory and compliance purposes.
  • Support for external users – Fordway IDAMS offers a lightweight authentication service plus workflows for external, non-organisational users or extranets and other secure communities.
  • PSN service available – the IDAMS service is delivered from Fordway’s PSN attached datacentres, PSNSP certification of Fordway IDAMS is pending.

Fordway Identity and Authentication Management Service (IDAMS) modules

Fordway IDAMS is a modular service which offers extended capabilities to meet every organisations’ requirements. The available modules are:

  • Base Fordway IDAMS service inclusive of standard application and service connectors.
  • Specialist and custom connectors.
  • Extended Web authentication.
  • External community authentication for trusted partners, third parties and extranet users.
  • Automated password reset with customised, user defined challenges.
  • Multi-factor authentication

Information assurance

All elements of the Identity and Authentication Management service are operated and secured to ISO 27001 under Fordway’s certification. Fordway IDAMS service is hosted and runs active/active across our two datacentres. The service is Pan Government Accredited (PGA) up to and including OFFICIAL and has the relevant controls in place to authenticate to OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE. Public Sector clients can access the service over the PSN; connectivity is resilient across Fordway’s two datacentres. Achieving PGA approval requires Fordway’s Infrastructure, systems and process to be compliant to vigorous security requirements that exceed those met by ISO 27001. This means that commercial customers are assured the same robust security considerations as the services we deliver to the UK Government.

As IDAMS is a directory service containing user accounts and access credentials for entire organisations, Fordway further restricts access via placing the environment in its own security environment with audited access and controls.

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