Cloud Monitoring as a Service

Do you know how well your service providers are performing? Fordway Cloud Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) can provide an answer to this, a fundamental question facing organisations moving to Cloud services and whose IT Service is dependent on multiple Cloud and other external suppliers.

Fordway CMaaS can help determine a variety of performance issues including providing visibility that your suppliers are meeting their contracted Service Level Agreement (SLA) and that the aggregated service is delivering suitable performance to your user community.Fordway CMaaS prevents service and performance issues becoming lost in a black-hole between multiple suppliers, giving you full visibility into how well each of them and the overall IT Service are performing. The service aggregates a variety of information sources and consolidates events and other performance statistics across your IT supply chain into consolidated custom service views that provide overall service health with the ability to drill down into specific services where required.

Fordway Cloud Monitoring as a Service (CMaaS) offers standard integration into almost all major public cloud services, including Office365, Salesforce, Service Now, Huddle, NetSuite, Oracle Online and Google Apps; IaaS and PaaS services including Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google’s App Engine. Almost any other qualifying cloud service can be integrated. CMaaS can also be used to monitor traditional IT Services such as in-house environments, plus hosted and private cloud services where agents can be deployed or gateways installed into the monitored environment.

Key benefits of Cloud Monitoring as a Service

  • Unified service view across multiple suppliers and in-house providers
  • Enables service level management across distributed IT Service supply chains
  • Customised service views – including organisation and department specific views
  • Service level monitoring – service level policies and measurements
  • Service views to measure supply chain’s adherence to agreed SLAs.
  • Integration with an organisation’s own (or SIAM) service management toolsets
  • ITIL process integration:identification of qualifying events and incident creation
  • “drill-down” capability for problem management and identifying root cause
  • Monitor any private or in-house cloud service
  • PSN and NHS N3 services (with OFFICIAL separation) monitoring


  • Service level management of suppliers and organisational IT supply chain
  • SLA adherence and compliance mapped to your organisational needs
  • Flexibility to move service monitoring between suppliers
  • Supplier independent performance reporting; audit suppliers and validate their performance
  • Identifies where performance issues reside and who owns the problem
  • Integration into majority of public cloud IaaS, PaaS, SaaS services
  • Integration includes: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google’s App Engine
  • Integration includes: Office365, Salesforce, Google Apps, Huddle and Others
  • 24 x 7 x 365 support with UK-based staff
  • Optional integration with customer or SIAM providers ITSM toolset

Information assurance

All elements of the service are operated and secured to ISO27001 under Fordway’s certification. Fordway CMaaS is hosted and runs active/active across our two datacentres. The service is hosted and run from Fordway’s Pan Government Accredited IaaS service and is separately undergoing Pan Government Accreditation to OFFICIAL. Public Sector clients can access the service over the PSN; connectivity is resilient across Fordway’s two datacentres. Fordway CMaaS has been submitted for PSN Service Provider (PSNSP) certification.

Public Sector clients can order IaaS and other Fordway Cloud services through the G-Cloud Framework on the Digital Marketplace

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