Cloud Migration Service

Fordway Cloud Migration Service Consultancy is designed to assist clients in moving their infrastructure partially or wholly across to a cloud environment. This can be public, private or hybrid. With our unique real-world experience and independent perspective, Fordway can provide realistic insight and advice on where is most suitable to deliver the benefits expected.

So you have decided to migrate some of your services to a cloud provider. What’s next? How do you choose? What is the difference between public, private and hybrid? How do you negotiate the marketing minefield between fact and fiction? This has to deliver what has been sold to the business! Fordway have practical answers to all these questions and can assist clients in making the right choices.

The key benefits of utilising Fordway Cloud Migration service are:

  • Understanding how to map the perceived services to realistic deliverables
  • In depth knowledge of the cloud industry
  • Independent verification of capabilities
  • Proven migration technologies spanning multiple systems
  • Significant Project Management capabilities of dealing with multiple partners, including third parties
  • Excellent relationships with other organisations (e.g. network providers for WAN links)

Fordway also run a complimentary cloud readiness assessment process that validates whether Cloud is appropriate for an organisation.

Cloud Migration Service – Information assurance

All elements of Fordway Cloud Migration Service are certified to ISO27001, data is managed to ISO27001 procedures. Fordway will treat all information at the appropriate level and for Public Sector clients is currently certified to store information up to and including OFFICIAL, we also can provide the necessary controls to meet OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE.

Public Sector clients can order IaaS and other Fordway Cloud services through the G-Cloud Framework on the Digital Marketplace

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