Application Replatforming on Cloud Service

Fordway’s Application Migration to Cloud Service provides discovery and assessment that takes the guesswork and risk out of the cloud’s suitability and the organisations readiness, as well as exploding some of the key myths surrounding the components and technologies purported to be essential for cloud migrations.  Fordway will also answer the fundamental question of private, public or hybrid and how to migrate to it, if appropriate.

As more organisations choose to migrate their services to the cloud, there are a multitude of questions surrounding the moving of applications:

  • Is cloud a better or more appropriate platform for this application (service) than our current provision?
  • Will this application work on a cloud platform?
  • Is there a suitable SaaS offering available?
  • If so, how do you migrate existing data into it?
  • If no SaaS option available, what are our options or do we migrate the existing application?
  • Is the current application portable or will the application need to be upgraded or a rebuild required?
  • What is the cost of change? Does the business case make sense?
  • Should we look at public or private cloud?  What are the benefits and risks of each?
  • How do we manage security, compliance and recovery?
  • What are the licensing implications – can our current licences move or be reused?
  • How will application and cloud support be managed?

Fordway offer two levels of cloud migration assessment:

Free – a high level, on site session based review of the key areas and a standard report covering the initial findings and top level recommendations. High level advice is offer based on over 25 years of large scale application migrations.
Detailed – a comprehensive review of defined applications and their supporting platforms with the information being gathered directly and validated, by experts on the business and technology components, a wide-ranging report covering much more depth of options and recommendations

The key characteristics of Fordway’s Application Replatforming to cloud Discovery and Assessment are:

  • Business and technical requirements covered – the questionnaire discusses both the business requirements and the ICT drivers with key personnel from the organisation
  • Discovery and Assessment – A detailed audit of current application(s) and application platform(s), this audit can include
  • Review current application documentation
  • Review current application architecture and design
  • Audit application infrastructure requirement and sizing including current performance, compute, storage and memory requirements
  • Review current application compatibly with cloud platforms and current / supported operating systems
  • Work with and bring together all stakeholder to provide end to end application migration solution.
  • Review current application DR and BCP
  • Review application delivery approach
  • Audit and discover of application integration and interconnects dependency to other software or services
  • Review of current application and platform support
  • Review current application licencing and roadmap

The findings, recommendations and a cost/benefit analysis are provided in a concise report outlining the cost effectiveness of the current service and the potential savings for application migration against industry standards and current spend.

Public Sector clients can order this  and other Fordway Cloud services through the G-Cloud Framework on the Digital Marketplace

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